Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program

The Sevilleta LTER Program (SEV) addresses ecological concepts and theory through an interdisciplinary research program in desert grassland, shrubland, woodland, forest and riparian habitats in central New Mexico. Our primary study site is the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge . SEV is member of a network of sites established by the National Science Foundation.

Globally, aridlands are exhibiting transitions from grass- to shrub-dominated communities and widespread tree mortality in response to chronic drought, large fires and/or insect outbreaks. These sudden and dramatic changes, all represented in SEV research, have important consequences for evapotranspiration, net primary production, carbon fluxes, consumer populations, and biodiversity. Our work combines long-term observations and manipulative experiments to test specific hypotheses on the response mechanisms and consequences of future climatic change.