Summer Fellowship Program

The Sevilleta LTER awards yearly Faculty Summer Research Stipends (up to $5000) and Graduate Student Summer Fellowships (up to $4000).

Applications are due March 1 of each year. Faculty stipends are awarded to support either (i) submission of a SEV-LTER related manuscript for publication or (ii) submission of a grant proposal that compliments SEV-LTER research. Graduate fellowships may be used for research expenditures such as salary, materials/supplies, equipment, or travel, including travel to a scientific meeting to present SEV-LTER research results.

Application Instructions:

Faculty and Faculty Review Form

Graduate Student and Graduate Student Review Form

Please email your application materials to the Sev LTER Program Manager by the end of the business day March 1.

Examples of Past Summer Fellowship Projects:

Graduate Student Example, Faculty Example


To receive funding, accepted applicants must fulfill the summer fellowship requirements.

For any questions regarding the requirements, please contact the Sevilleta program manager.

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